Flipping Fabulous takes tired furniture and turns it into a cherished heirloom and statement piece.




If you have furniture of your own that you would like us to Refresh for you - swing in and visit with us {or} send an e-mail with pictures of your furniture to - letting us know what finish you desire, & we can get you an estimate! You can browse colors & styles on our Pinterest or from our Fusion & General Finishes color swatches. Whether selecting an item from our warehouse OR bringing in items of your own - we are happy to help with the whole process! ways to keep your costs low:

1) bring your piece in clean. Clean your piece with dawn dish soap, warm water, & a scrubbie. We will re-clean your piece with our cleaners, but you don’t want to pay us to clean years of grime off!

2) take off all your hardware, put it in a baggie, and clean it as well (if you’re not replacing it).



We have a warehouse (& online album) full of previously loved furniture that we would love to refresh for you! it’s a simple process: pick an item from our available inventory, swing in and talk finishes with us, then we can get you a price estimate. our estimates are almost always accurate! We also pieces in the store that are available for customization!

What an awesome business in Salina! Great place to look for that statement piece for your home or to take that old table that just needs a facelift! Beautiful vision and craftsmanship!
— Sarah May, Customer

We retail Fusion Mineral Paint, General Finishes Milk Paint and professional finishing products, redesign with Prima decor transfers, Zibra Synthetic Brushes, and Staalmeester Premium Brushes

I love this store and all of their helpful tips. I was in the store yesterday to pick out my ‘starter’ pack with tsp, brush, fusion colors, topcoat, etc, and they were so nice and helpful with what seemed like a hundred questions I asked! I feel much more prepared to start the projects I’ve been wanting to do.
— Amber Grossardt, Customer