Walnut Bookcase

Walnut Bookcase

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SALE! Measuring in at a whopping 40w x 10d x82h, this solid walnut piece has a nice display shelf at the top, & a super cool new back panel..

The body got a coat of @fusionmineralpaint Hemp Oil, giving it a nice lustre. The back panel took about an hour total - not kidding! I used my Fusion paint kit roller with Raw Silk (the roller is definitely the MVP of the paint kit), using a pallet of Damask, Cathedral Taupe, Midnight Blue, Inglenook, Laurentien, & Algonquin for my @redesignwithprima Patchwork Stencil. You've definitely got to see the back design in person- it looks so great! All of these products are available in the store!.

On a side note, my 20 year old applied the Hemp Oil, & then advised me that it did not smell anything like marijuana 🤷‍♀️🙄🙉😂

40w x 10d x82h

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